Born in Los Angeles,  Lauri Matisse, is a modern day renaissance woman, who through her inspiring and prolific work as an artist, author, songwriter, and visionary architect, aspires to 'weave the thread of redemption into the complex journey of the human soul.' "At the age of 10, I had a vision I would be a writer, and write inspirational books about God. Lauri has been interviewed on radio and TV, as well as, had her own radio show, 'The Breath of God.'  She has published four books, The Passion of Jesus, Eve's Memoirs, no more dark days, walking dead; and two children's books, Awk Dawg 'Pet Adoption Day' and April in Paris, as well as written Eve the Musical.

"Even though I became an architect, by the age of 22, I had published my first book, no more black days, using miraculous money found on the beach."   Lauri Matisse 

Lauri is the mother of four beautiful souls and has the heart of a mother that can rock the cradle of the whole world.

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